Q?What’s the deal with “Home-Baked” and “Scratch” baked goods?

All of the marketing terms out there can get very confusing. Let me break these two terms down for you. A home-baked good is something that was baked on the premises. These baked goods usually start with some kind of mix. A scratch good is made how grandma used to make. It starts with raw ingredients like flour, sugar and baking powder. Kate’s Kakes is an all scratch bakery. We make everything from our pie shells to our fondant, all from scratch.

Q?Where are you located?

We’re located at 444 Sand Creek Rd, Colonie, NY. Please remember we are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We can be a little trick to find. Here are the directions: From Wolf Road turn East onto Sand Creek Road. At the traffic circle, take the first exit, heading toward Colonie Center. Before you reach the mall road, turn right into the parking lot of The Court Club/Albany CrossFit. Go up the stairs and into the main entrance. We are in the lobby.

Q?How can I pay for my sweets?

We accept cash, credit, and PayPal. We also accept checks up to 3 weeks prior to your event.

Q?When should I place my order?

We always suggest booking* as soon as you know you need one of our delicious treats. However, if you’d like some general guidelines, the following applies.

  • For wedding cakes, sculpted cakes, large parties (50 people or more) and decorated cookies, we recommend putting your order in at least 3 months in advance. Our large event schedule fills up very quickly, especially from June – October.
  • For all other orders, we can usually accommodate requests within 48 hours.

*Your order is not booked until the 50% non-refundable deposit is received.

Q?My event is in less than 3 weeks! Is it too late to order?

It’s never too late to ask! It’s possible that we still have some availability. Contact us with your event date, the number of people you’re having, and what type of cake you’re looking for (i.e. sheet cake, simple round cake, tiered cake, custom carved cake) and we’ll let you know if we can put you on the cake schedule. Though, please note, some custom design cakes booked within 2 weeks of the event date may incur a $40.00 rush fee.

Q?What’s your refund policy?

For wedding and large custom party cakes, the $50.00 save the date deposit is not refundable. For all cakes, you will be refunded all but your 50% initial deposit (and the save-the-date, where applicable). However, we appreciate you giving as much notice as possible; and if we are able to re-book your date, you will be refunded 50% of the initial deposit.

Q?I’m so excited about my cake! Do I get to have a tasting?

We are proud to sell only custom, made-to-order items. That said, we don’t have extra cakes for cutting and sampling. What we do offer to our engaged couples, however, is a limited number of sample 4″ cakes. You pick the cake, filling and frosting, and we’ll provide you with a miniature cake fit for two. To find out more about cost and scheduling,  please contact us!

Q?I have an allergy or intolerance. Can you make my cake?

We do offer gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free options. However, we do make things with all of those in our kitchen. We will guarantee that we won’t add the allergen to the cake, but we cannot guarantee an allergen-free kitchen. If you have a very strong reaction, it may be best to use a bakery that doesn’t use the allergen you react to. We would love your business, but we would rather you be safe!

Q?Do you deliver your delicious sweets?

We certainly do! We’re happy to deliver cakes up to 50 miles. Delivery for wedding cakes is free within 15 miles. Delivery for all other baked goods is $15.00 for the first 10 miles. If you would like a quote for delivery, please contact us.