Nobody wants to have cheap, tasteless cake at their wedding. So, how does someone with a tight cake budget get a high quality cake for themselves and their guests?

This is something I get asked a lot. Traditional wedding cake prices range from $2.75/slice to upwards of $15.00/slice, depending on intricacy of the design, as well as flavor choices. There are actually several choices for cutting corners on your wedding cake cost.

For those who seek a traditional, tiered wedding cake: Skip the decorations or do very minimal decorations. Most bakeries won’t charge extra for a ribbon around the base of your cake. It’s a clean, elegant look. Paired with the right cake stand, you don’t need anything more than a simple topper. Also, skip those expensive flavors, and stick to one simple flavor for your cake.

Square three tiered black ribbon wedding cake

Square wedding cakes are also typically an additional charge.

For those who love the idea of a traditional tiered wedding cake, but simply can’t spend that much: Cupcake trees can be as beautiful and elegant as a traditional wedding cake. Order a simple 6″ cake for cutting, then fill in the lower tiers with enough cupcakes for your guests. Be careful with cupcakes, though, as the extras can add up very quickly. Be sure to stick with basic flavors, avoid the fillings, and don’t add any decorations, as those will all cost extra.

Blue love bird cupcake tree

This customer paid additional to have the chocolate nests on each cupcake and the white bird silhouette.

For those who want a cutting cake, but aren’t stuck on having a traditional tiered look: Order a 6″ cutting cake and find a beautiful cake stand to put it on. The taller the cake stand, the more grand the cake will look. Then get either a kitchen cake or a sheet cake for your guests. A kitchen cake is 3 layers of cake with filling or frosting between the layers. It will have a simplified version of your decorations (if any) on it. A sheet cake is one or two layers of cake, depending on your bakery (we use two layers of cake with filling or frosting between them).

Beauty and the beast belle's gown yellow and gold cake

This customer paid additional to have the gold fondant swags to mimic Belle’s gown in Beauty and the Beast.

The last things you want to ask about are the delivery and set up fees. In some cases, it may be cheaper to have a responsible friend pick up the cakes or cupcakes. I DO NOT recommend picking up tiered cakes, though. Your bakery has drivers who are trained in driving with tiered cakes. Remember, these are sponges of flour, sugar, and butter. If anything happens in transit, you don’t want your friends or family members to be responsible for it.

When in doubt about how to cut your cake costs, ask your baker. Remember, they are the experts and they can tell you what your best options will be.

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